• Biochemistry Analyzer

    Biochemistry Analyser / Elisa Reader / Coagulation

  • Bilirubin Analyzer

  • HBA1C Analyzer

  • Biochemistry Analyzer

  • Biochemistry Analyzer

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Vision & Mission


Our main aim is to provide the best quality instruments with more usable features which pushes us towards our goal "Customer satisfaction". We are maintaining a very high level quality product to our regular clients by ensuring the audit reports are met to our standards.

Micro Lab  provides clients the utmost satisfaction with after sale support.


We here at Micro Lab are constantly encouraging our staff to take a step forward and also welcome new ideas which always helps us achieve and adapt new technologies. We constantly work hard to add new products to our array of innovations.

Micro Lab believes strongly that it’s our TEAM Core Members who has helped us and always will help to achieve milestones.