• Biochemistry Analyzer

    Biochemistry Analyser / Elisa Reader / Coagulation

  • Bilirubin Analyzer

  • HBA1C Analyzer

  • Biochemistry Analyzer

  • Biochemistry Analyzer

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Vision & Mission


To manage and sell collection of Lab Instruments  domestically as well as internationally. Maintaining a very high level quality product to our regular clientele and capturing prospective leads as well. Ensuring the audit records with visionable profits along with cream clientele. And a commitment towards a longer contractor ship with clients.

Micro Lab  provides clients the utmost satisfaction with highest growth and fugitive figures.


Micro Lab  don’t want one of the TOP Players, infect Micro Lab  wants only one company to be at the TOP MOST slot among the others players of this industry.

Micro Lab believes strongly that it’s TEAM Core Members too be at the TOP MOST slot of industry.